Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Trainer: Bianca Bentzin

The concept of emotional intelligence was made popular in 1996 by Dan Goleman in his book on “EI”. Although the concepts and principles of emotional intelligence are proven to be successful, EI is still often excluded from implementation in the workplace.  Understanding your own emotional intelligence and how is at play in your life will help you connect more effectively with customers, co-workers, clients and colleagues thereby increasing organizational

This training will teach you and your coworkers how to raise your emotional intelligence level at work in a way that is professional, functional and with appropriate boundaries.

Key points include:

  • How to positively impact your organization’s morale with emotional intelligence.
  • How to hold people accountable with compassion.
  • The connection between emotional intelligence and employee loyalty and trust.
  • The importance of knowing yourself so you can know and understand others.
  • The conflict between empathy and power and how this can undermine effective leadership.
  • Ethical and HR considerations.


Bianca Bentzin is a government attorney in Austin, Texas and also has a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy.

To request training, please contact Bianca at [email protected].