Supporting Parents of Children Who Were Seriously Injured or Are Chronically Ill

Parents who have a child of any age with a serious injury or chronic mental or physical illness sometimes face unique challenges, which can include feelings of grief or loss. “Ambiguous grief” or “unconventional grief” are the terms used to describe the grief experienced by people who have a family member who suffered a major injury or illness and who may or may not be the same person they were before the injury or illness entered the family.  This presentation will give voice and understanding to the grief and trauma experienced by family members and will topics such as:

  • What does “ambiguous or unconventional grief” look and feel like?
  • The role trauma plays in families where at least one family member has suffered a major injury or is experiencing a chronic illness.
  • How to find meaningful self-care while serving as a caregiver.
  • Strategies for managing the complex feelings associated with this type of grief.


Bianca Bentzin is a government attorney in Austin, Texas and also has a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy.

To request training, please contact Bianca at [email protected].